Welcome to REFSBO.ca (Real Estate For Sale By Owner),

the best website in Canada that connects those who are looking to Buy or Sell Real Estate!

Choose one of the these categories: Residential properties, Commercial properties, or Land,

in any of these Provinces and Territories: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba,

New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia,

Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

Visitors can browse Listings by City: (e.g. Calgary, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Fredericton,

Halifax, Hamilton, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Regina, Saint John, Saskatoon,

Toronto (GTO), Vancouver, Victoria, Windsor, Winnipeg, and many, many more) and

refine their search by Price, Community/Neighbourhood, etc.

Savings Ahead!: our Listing Fees are Considerably Less a.k.a. Cheap(er) than Others’

(find out more in our Fees section).

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We offer access to All Types of properties: Residential, Commercial, and Land.

We provide the most comprehensive information in the

Detailed page of each Listing, so you can evaluate better.

No complicated “Combos”: we don’t package our

Listing Services with lawn signs, etc. Instead, we let you

choose what you get. Listing (ad), Signs (different

kinds), Sample contracts,etc, are all individually

priced and offered. Choose only what you need!

No hidden fees: we don’t charge for extra photos (currently we

let you upload 24 photos with each property), or for extra time needed to sell a property.

Your listing will stay active for “as long as it takes to sell” (we will contact you after one

(1) year, if you forgot to delete your listing following sale).

“All listings are considered equal”: we do not “promote”, or “highlight” a listing in

the detriment of others (even if you want to).

We will send you a Payment Confirmation, or and Invoice to the email provided at

Registration. Our secure payment process lets you purchase with peace of mind.

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency: the Owner of this website wishes to assure

you that we are completely independent from, and/or not associated with, any R/E

agency. None of us is an R/E Sales Agent, or has ever worked as an Agent in the R/E

business (holds true for our close families as well). Our scope of business is Online

Listings, Advertising, and Intermediation Services.